Customer Awards

Celebrate Code42 customer success at the Evolutionaries

What are the Evolutionaries?

The Code42 Evolutionaries recognize the achievements of Code42 customers—celebrating the unique deployments, successful adopters, best-practice makers and innovative users of Code42.

Award Categories

Finalists and winners will be chosen by a Code42 panel of judges and announced at the Evolutionaries Award Ceremony during Evolution19.

The Guardian Award

These days, IT and security teams are fending off threats from all directions—from ransomware attacks to internal employees taking company crown jewels when they leave. The Guardian award honors the organization most effectively and creatively utilizing Code42 to mitigate threats and protect its most valuable asset—data.

The Atlas Award

It’s not easy to roll out any software to an entire organization, and to do this quickly and smoothly is honorable. The Atlas award celebrates the organization that deployed—and now protects—its expansive workforce that spreads across multiple global locations.

The Breakthrough Award

Did your team create a unique program around expanding user adoption of Code42? This award commends a group who creatively and successfully educated and empowered end users to get on board with Code42.

The Evolutionary Award

Code42 has helped many organizations replace old school, legacy backup products. Your organization was one that recognized the need for modern endpoint backup and deployed Code42. Share your organization's story about the replacement of a legacy solution with Code42.

The Freshest Refresh Award

Endpoint backup is a critical first step to prevent data loss before, during and after a technology refresh or OS migration. The Freshest Refresh award acknowledges the most compelling data migration project utilizing Code42, whether it was migrating a single user, multiple users or an entire organization.

The Rookie Award

We want to applaud some of our newest customers who completed successful, high-impact deployments of Code42 within the last 12 months. The Rookie award is an opportunity to highlight your Code42 win story.

The Catalyst Award

The Catalyst award distinguishes a team who gained executive buy-in for a Code42 deployment at their organization. We want to honor your success in selling into leadership and demonstrating the value of endpoint backup and Code42.

The Trailblazer Award

We know we have many innovative customers that utilize Code42 for more than its backup and restore capabilities. The Trailblazer award praises a team that is creatively leveraging Code42 to solve unique business problems across their organization.

The Master Award

The Master award celebrates the expert Code42 team that continually looks for extensive technical information about Code42, requests access to and education around the latest and most advanced features and provides product feedback.

The Evangelist Award

The individual who qualifies for this award is an active member of the Code42 AdvocateHub—our exclusive customer community. This award recognizes how he/she consistently seeks out and completes Hub challenges and shares the importance of modern endpoint backup as an evangelist for Code42.

Celebrate Your Code42 Success

Nominations open Dec. 14

We're currently working on the 2019 nomination form. Stay tuned for more details.